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                                 Brief Introduction of Suzhou Himore (Group) Co., Ltd
Originated from Suzhou Agricultural Equipment Factory, Suzhou Himore (Group) Co., Ltd is built in 1958, in 1999 it’s switched from SOE to private enterprise. Located at No.77, Jiepu Road, Shengpu Town, Suzhou Industrial Park, it covers an floor area of 67mu, a construction area of 20,000 sq.m., now it has over 300 employees.
Himore is a well-known company in domestic washer industry, it’s the originator of domestic plant protection equipment and washers. As a famous brand in Jiangsu Province and a high and new tech enterprise, it occupies many proprietary intellectual property rights, it has won lots of prizes such as the State Level-II Enterprise, the National Quality Management Outstanding Enterprise, the Contract Trustworthy Enterprise many times. With advanced development skills and its own innovation team, Himore builds a complete developing system; equipped with die-casting machine, CNC, machining center, assembling line, test line, combined with specific technology, it forms a thorough manufacturing system; labs, measuring room, physicochemical room and effective execution of ISO9001make up an integrated quality guarantee system; mature sales, purchasing and service channel and scientific logistics management form an intact supply and sales system; widely execution of ERP and automatic OS constitute our strict management system.
Washers are the main traditional products of Himore, our technology ranks the highest in the same domestic industry. Our products include both household and business use, both cold water and hot water washers, whose working pressure ranges from 3 to 30Mpa. They are mainly used in automobile 4S, large car-washing factory, farm and cleaning & maintenance of civil and industry use such as house, construction, machines etc. At present our products are mainly for export, and they have the highest market occupancy in the same business.
Design and manufacturing of high-pressure pump is the core competitiveness of Himore, both of the technical and business parameters have already achieved the advanced level of congeneric products in international market. The pumps can be distributed into piston pump, plunger pump, axial pump and triplex pump, working pressure ranges from 15~30MPA, with flow 5-130L/M. A great amount of pumps have been sold to Euro and US countrie, volumn per year is over 500,000pcs, which occupies relatively higher market share of the congeneric product.
After development of over 50years, Himore has already formed a complete execution system, from Markt-Development-Manufacture-Quality Control-Sales to Afterservice, both products and service have obtained general acknowledge from either foreign or domestic customers. Looking into the future, Himore will keep on pursuing excellence, keep on sharing new products and service with our customers based on the scientific, precise and innovative concept; we will keep good credit standings and cooperate with our customers with absolute sincerity, so that we can obtain win-win development space together.
Company address: No. 77, Jiepu Road, Shengpu Town, Suzhou Industrial Park
Postal code: 215126
Tel: (0512) 69000086
Fax: (0512) 67214666, 67530255
E-mail: trade@himore.cn
Web: http://www.himore.cn
公司地址:苏州工业园区胜浦镇界浦路77号 销售热线:0512-67210283  E-Mail:sunlin@himore.cn
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